Environmental Design Criteria through Geoindicators for two Mediterranean Coastlands

Renata Valente, Leonidas Stamatopoulos, Carlo Donadio


This paper shows interdisciplinary studies that were carried out along the coasts of the Campania region (southern Italy) and the Peloponnese (Greece). The objective of this research is the definition of environmental design criteria along the Mediterranean coasts, using scientific methods in order to define critical points and appropriate instruments. Initially, physical-geographic and geomorphological coastal systems as beaches, cliffs and technocoasts were defined. Here the concept of geoindicator was introduced recognizing and interpreting tectonic, lithostratigraphic and geomorphologic elements. The geoarcheological structures are used also as useful parameters for the reconstruction of the evolving landscape. Once the methodology used to define the hazard of stretches of the coast was defined, parameters were put in relation with the eco-sustainable recovery techniques of the landscape. To abate erosion and hydro-geological instability along the urbanized seafront, geoindicators can be useful in the designing of transitional environments in relation to the return of the phenomena at different times. The results indicate how the adaptive approach and the non-imposing solutions contribute to reduce the anthropogenic impacts and environmental hazards in regions where there are high degrees of hazard, improving security, stability of the coasts and quality of the projects.


adaptive, coastal geomorphology, hazard, Campania, Italy, Peloponnese, Greece

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12896/cse20140020023


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