Ways of interpreting urban regeneration: Hamburg, London, Brussels and Rome

Fabiola Fratini


Over the coming decades all cities throughout and beyond Europe, be they large or small, will face the great challenge of regeneration. European Commission has promoted a “regeneration agenda” focused on an integrated sustainable approach. But, while the European Commission draws the path, European cities provide a variety of ways to transform drafts in deeds.
The four case studies described below – Hamburg, London, Brussels, Rome – give evidence that, in the last decades, every city had drawn its own “regeneration way”, with a different level of sensitiveness regarding the European principles.
However, all the case studies deliver at least one action attuned to the principles of a sustainable regeneration, and it’s possible to select from every experience the “good” that has been realized.


regeneration; urban policies and tools; sustainability

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12896/cse20150020068


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